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Domestic leading company specialized in special coating and in heavy duty coating
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TAEWOONG P&C, the domestic leading company that specialized in special coating has grown into a world best enterprise that specialized in special coating and in heavy duty coating with accumulated skill and experience.

High reliability and high skill level required for marine engines and marine equip-ment, as well as nuclear and thermal power plant, petrochemical plant equipment, industrial machinery, parts, ranging from high-quality special products coating Protective Coating and the world's leading companies at domestic and abroad has supplied.

We are running a business of advanced technology development and advanced high level of management in the excellent inverstment. To build a stable business by working in the field of wind energy has become the world's leading companies.

Taewoong P&C through future business expansion in the future will be strong as a global leading companies. In addition, We develop human resources and prepare for the future. And the challenge, unity, passion of us will provide the best service to our customers.

CEO Yongdeok Park