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Thermal Spray Coating

Corrosion resistance, water resistance, heat resistance,
Excellent corrosion protection protection properties electrical resistance is a key
Iron surface protection for more than 20 years

What is Thermal Sprary?

Metallizing or metal spray is called 99.99% for spray coating of metal wire or powder, slightly dissolved zinc to blow flies How dissolve and how to use the arc, such as oxy-acetylene flame method is to use. The latter end of that wire, then stretched out, dissolve, Prepared separately flushed with compressed air is injected in the form of dissolved metal spraying fog machine is used.

Weak and can not get it out of metal, wire back if the case is to use powder. If a low melting point metal, to some extent the amount of the pre-melt over, it's slightly foggy in the form spray nozzle is pushed out.

Rising metal is the most commonly used to prevent high temperature oxidation of steel with aluminum and iron, if sprayed zinc to make them is, if the injec-tion, Side of the target metal surface blasting (abrasive) moderately rough and done good to the side of a paint adhesion.


  Al. Metalizing Zn. Metalizing General paint
The average period of
corrosion resistance
Up to 30 or 40 yrs. Up to 30 or 40 yrs. Under 10 yrs
The Endurable Temperature Under 700℃ Under 700℃ Under 70℃
Seawater Adaptability Excellent Moderate Substandard
Adhesion Above 9Mpa Above 9Mpa Under 4Mpa
Surface Treatment Above Sa2.5 Above Sa2.5 It varies depending on
a type of paint used
Curing Time Immediately Immediately A certain amount of time
needed for hardeening
A type of paint to apply Siller Coating Paint Siller Coating Paint General Paint